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Dry Skin Problems?? Most basic element that cancause dry skin is the dry heat from your furnace. So, turn your heat down and put on a humidifier to avoid more dry skin problems.
Facial Skin Care Dry Skin Lack of Water? All dry skin have one missing basic element and that is the lack of water in your skin and not oil. Especially during the cold dry winter and together with thewind and your home heater, and can reall make your facial skin very dry. So, facial skin lack of water can be oneof the main cause for dry skin.
Facial Skin Care Drink Water Help Dry Skin? Many beauty books tell you to drink lots of wate from 7 to 8 glasses per day keep the skin hydrated and you have no more dry skin. Thats not so true, because if you are normally hydrated, you can still get dry skin. Drinking water cannot correct dry skin problems.
Facial Skin Care Soak Your Skin with Water But the best way to get water into the skin is by soaking in it. Based on findings, a 15 minute soak in lukewarm water, not hot water can help combating dry skin. You don't have tyo do this everyday. The rule of thumb for dry skin is: bathe less and use cooler water.
Facial Skin Care Lubricate the Skin Always follow each bath with moisturizer.What happens after a bathe is that all the moisture that soaked into the skin tends to evaporate. If you bathe frequently, a moisturizer is important. The moisturizer is what holds the water and will keep your skin nice and moist and not dry. Therefore, moisturizers applied after the bathe help keep water inthe skin and therefore prevent drying of the skin.
Facial Skin Care Use a Humdfier for Your Dry Skin One of the main problem of having dry skin is the dry heat during the winter time which will cause dry skin and itching. Furnace heated aircan reduce the humidity level inside your house to 10 percent or less, whereas 30 to 40 percent is closer to ideal for keeping moisture in your skin.So, it is recommended the use of humidifiers during those dry winter months to prevent dry skin.
Facial Skin Care Dry Skin Cause Winter Itch One good way to combat winter itch is as easy as reaching for your thermostat and turning it down. Keeping your house on the cool side in the winter will help. Based on findings, when the house is heated too much, it can make the blood vesselas dilate and when the blood vessels dilate, the itching cycle begins. But when your skin is cooled, either by cool water or cool air such as air conditioning, it feels good. Skin tends to be less itchy if you can keep it onthe cool side.
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