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Facial Skin Care for Acne The skin is the largest organ in the body and like lungs, it needs to breathe to stay healthy. To do that, it is covered with tiny holes called poles. These pores not only let air in but also produce the oils necessary to keep the facial skin smooth and prevent dryness. The oils are called sebum. To have good facial skin care is to avoid having potential acne problems.
Facial Skin Care Why do I have Acne? Acne appears when the body secretes too much sebum. Because the facial skin cannot eliminate sebum, it accumulates and mixes with cellular debris blocking pores. Blocked pores cannot let air in and so the facial skin cannot breathe. A blocked pore is called a blackhead or an open comedo. If pores remain blocked on your facial skin, microbes can infiltrate them, causing an infection that can damage the pores and cause acne on your facial skin. Therefore, proper facial skin care is required to avoid acne.
Facial Skin Care Acne mostly Affects Adolescents? True. During adolescence, the body goes through several hormonal changes. Increased hormone production is responsible for, among other things, the development of facial beards in males and breast in females. Because the facial skin becomes thicker under the influence of hormones, they also play a role in acne.
Facial Skin Care Acne is Caused by Poor Dietary Habits? This is not true. Acne is not caused by bad dietary habits. Cola drinks, chocolate, nuts, french fries and chips do not cause facial acne. However, it may be preferable to avoid these foods if they appear to make acne worse. Furthermore, good daily facial skin care can also help to maintain good clean facial skin avoid acne.
Facial Skin Care Acne Formation can be Avoided by Removing Whiteheads? This is false. Rupturing whiteheads ( closed comedones ) will only aggravate acne and may lead to permanent scarring. On the other hand, blackheads ( open comedones ) maybe carefully expresses with a clean comedo extractor. So, good facial skin care is very important for acne control on the facial skin.
Facial Skin Care Too Much Sex Cause Acne? This is false. Acne has nothing to do with being oversexed. Too much sex does not cause acne skin problems.
Facial Skin Care In Severe Acne skin Problems When everything acne treatment has failed, your Doctor may prescribe a very potent drug called Accutane. This drug, a vitamin A derivative, works by preventing sebum secretion, helping to open closed pores and remove painful cysts.
Facial Skin Care Is Oral Retin-A ( Accutane ) Good to Use for Acne Treatment? First discuss this product with your Doctor. It will produce dramatic improvement within three to four months. However, try to use this acne treatment product as a last resort, because this product can hurt the liver, raise the blood cholesterol, and most important, result in a deformed baby if taken during pregnancy. For any facial acne skin treatment, it is always a good idea to discuss it with your Doctor or Dermatologist.
Facial Skin Care Topical Retin-A for Acne Treatment Topical Retin-A comes in cream, gel, and liquid form ( the latter is quite irritating and not routinely used for your facial skin ) for your acne skin care. If your skin is on the dry side, use the cream. If it is oily, apply the gel. But Retin-A in any formulation is somewhat irritating to your facial skin, so always start with the weakest strenght. Consult your Doctor for any acne skin care treatment.
Facial Skin Care Should I use Antiboitic for Acne Skin Care Treatment? When topical treatments are not enough, oral antibiotics maybe prescribed. Based on research and findings, Tetracycline is one of the common choice taking with the use of Retin-A for acne skin care treatment. This combination of acne skin care proves to be more effective. After you see improvement on your facial skin, you can taper the dose until the acne has cleared completely. But you should not take Tetracycline if you are under thirteen years of age or are pregnant ( because it can stain the teeth of the children and those of your newborn ). Do consult your Doctor for any acne skin care treatment.
Facial Skin Care Frequent Washing will Prevent Facial Acne? This is false. Although washing to remove dirt that maybe blocking pores is a good idea, care should be taken not to irritate the skin. Washing too often or too vigorously or using some medicated soaps can cause irritation. Milder soaps, such as Dove and soap substitutes, such as SpectroJel and Cetaphil, are recommended for good facialskin care maintainence for acne control and acne problem skin.
Facial Skin Care Some Beauty Products ( Cosmetics ) may Aggravate Acne? True. Oil based products can block the pores and cause acne. Therefore, choosing the right type of cosmetic product can help to prevent growth of acne.
Facial Skin Care Whats the Basics of Acne Skin Care? Regardless of whether your acne case is mild or severe, keep away from greasy cosmetics. Use only water based make-up, including hair styling gels, which can spill onto the skin of the forehead, sometimes a site for acne. Don't touch your face with your hands too much which can bring bacteria onto your face and cause acne.
Facial Skin Care What is Acne? 85% of the people experience acne sometime during their teens. This acne disorder is more common and more severe in males and it can run in families, so that fi your mother, father or siblings were or are affected, you are more likely to be too. Acne usually peaks at the age of eighteen years of age, but one is vulnerable to acne until they are thirty years of age or older.
Facial Skin Care What are the Drugs used to Treat Acne? Keratolytic ointments are the most commonly used ointments for the treatment of acne. They open the pores by eliminating the dead or dried cells blocking them. Benzoyl Peroxide is probably the most effective keratolytic product availablewithout a prescrition. It notonly prevents pore closure but italso kills the microbes that might be in the pore. Since it is irritating, it should be used only on acne lesions.
Facial Skin Care How to Get Rid of Old Acne Facial Scars? If you have old facial scars from adolescent acne that was inadequately treated, thesy can often be dramatically improved either by dermabrasion, in which the superficial layers of skin are planed down with modern, sophisticated equipment, or by chemical facial peeling. These procedures are done by dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons. These procedures can reduce the appearance of acne scars.
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